Monday, December 20, 2010

Tesco LED headlight pictures and descriptions

I found this LED headlight (model: TL-9588) at Tesco the other day.  This is the headlight you wear on your head (not for your car, heh).  This piece of device is useful when you need a directional light beam while freeing up both your hands to work on something in a dim area, or to look under your car bonnet.  Well, there are many applications.  You can use it while searching deep into your wardrobe for that piece of t-shirt, working on the screws in your desktop computer tower, searching your storeroom boxes for that old PC game CDs, walking down the stairs at night during power failure, ...

The price was about less than RM20 at Tesco when I bought it in August 2010.

This LED lamp has 4 modes: Off, On-High, On-Low, On-Flashing

The angle of the beam is 90-degree adjustable and it uses 3 x AAA battery.

Pretty useful LED lamp I would say!  Keep one in your car too.  And this thing has a flash mode, which is useful to warn any incoming traffic at night.

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