Sunday, May 25, 2008

Restoring Citrix Universal Print(er) Driver (CPS4.0)

Let's see...I've spent 3 months engineering a deployment for Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 and the support people accidentally removed the Citrix Universal Print Drivers from the installation, what do I advise them to do? One way to restore the driver is Repair the MSI package from the Add/Remove Programs. This works perfectly but what if they will complain to you that they do not want to repeat this for about 600 servers?

Well I can say that to do that you will have no way but to repair it. Citrix support articles do not have a single entry that will make your life easier. So after cracking my head and researching for a couple of days, I have a solution (yeah!)

A few things you'll need:
1. A bare server (I use Windows 2000 Advanced Server because that's what my company uses)
2. Citrix Presentation Server 4.0
3. And finally - Microsoft Print(er) Migrator 3.1(

Note: even though it is called Print Migrator, when you run the tool, the window title says "Printer Migrator"

First you will need a bare server, with no CPS 4.0 and no printer drivers, then install CPS4.0 on it. You will see that it now has several drivers when you look at them in Control Panel -> Printers then access menu File -> Server Properties -> Drivers tab...

I'll continue with this later...

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Yik Jaan said...

Mr.Bendera.. Nice post! Good job!

Mr. Bendera said...

thank you!