Sunday, September 24, 2006

Outsourcing study reaches 90% confidence level!

That's right. It has now entered phase 2 after about a year of study. What this means basically is that after about 12 to 15 months, the decision to outsource a substantial part of the infrastructure support is pretty much clear, with a list of services to be outsourced to a limited number of providers.

Well they keep saying "People follow the work"...yeah we know that and we heard about it thousands of time. That's an enterprise direction and an inevitable feat to manage it well. So is there anything new?

I have pretty much confident that the main support operations will definitely be one of the services. So plan ahead, plan early, and plan wisely...

This says that US$10 billion will be spent in Asia-Pac...I say add about US$200 millions to the figure 18 months later.

"Knock, knock!" "Who's there?"

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